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Catchafire for Grantmakers

We partner with grantmakers to unlock equitable access to talent, so that every nonprofit can achieve its mission.

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Catchafire for Grantmakers

The Challenge

Limited Access to Talent

Human capital is required to build well-functioning organizations, but limited access to funding creates a barrier to talent, which restricts effectiveness and resilience

Only 5% of nonprofits have more than $10,000 annually to invest in growth
Only 20% of nonprofits receive capacity building grants from funders

What if access to talent were not dependent on funding?

The Solution

Bridge the Talent Gap to Accelerate Nonprofit Impact

We partner with funders to provide our proprietary digital platform and full-service programs, bringing together organizations and skilled volunteers to fuel growth and strengthen communities

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Nonprofit Services

Education & Onboarding
Our intentional approach to onboarding is informed by years of experience and a deep understanding of nonprofts’ needs.
Info Sessions
101 information sessions and how-to webinars introduce organizations to each other and to the Catchafire team, and set them up for success on the platform.
Professional development courses presented by industry experts help nonprofits strengthen their own skills and work more effectively with volunteers.
Nonprofit Advisors
Talented nonprofit advisors provide one-on-one support to make sure organizations get the most out of their memberships.
Needs Assessment
Our data-driven assessment uncovers organizations' most critical needs and guides them to appropriate projects.
Strategic Projects
Our curated menu of pre-scoped projects covers seven core operational areas including marketing, finance, technology, and fundraising - making it easy for organizations to find what they need and feel confident about the work to be done.
Consultation Calls
Structured one-hour conversations with pro bono professionals provide nonprofits with on demand access to expertise and support across 15 diverse fields.
Big picture operational goals are broken down into component projects, providing important context and a clear roadmap for success.
Algorithms & Interviews
Our proprietary algorithms ensure that great candidates rise to the top for consideration, but the decision to work together is always 100% human and driven by the nonprofit.

Grantmaker Services

Program Design
We work with you to design a Catchafire program that complements your funding philosophy, is in alignment with your strategy, and respects the characteristics of the community you serve.
Platform Configuration
The look and feel of your branded Catchafire platform is configured to reflect your unique voice and resonate with your community and the nonprofits you support.
Program Marketing
Leveraging our experience working with nonprofits, we design multi-channel communications plans that educate and engage nonprofits to support adoption and participation.
Account Management
Your dedicated account manager is committed to the success of your program, and works with you on everything from day-to-day questions to long-term strategic planning.
We believe that success stories are a powerful way to measure and illustrate impact, and we collect them from organizations and volunteers so that you can share them easily with stakeholders.
Insights & Reporting
We measure impact in terms of hours donated and the value of work completed, as well as longer term benefits like new connections made and skills developed. We analyze our data to draw insights about your nonprofits' needs and progress.
Impact Report
Nonprofits served
Dollars saved

Our Partners

We are fortunate to work with foundations in service of their communities.
Some of our current partners include:

Annenburg Foundation
Connecticut Community Foundation
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Hawaii Community Foundation
Michigan Health Endowment Fund
Philadelphia Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
Segal Family Foundation
The Boston Foundation
The Chicago Community Trust

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